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Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable. Yet heat and glare can easily make your favorite room the last place you want to be. Miami-Dade Window Tinting, along with HüperOptik window films, can make your home a more comfortable place to be year-round.

By installing HüperOptik window films, Miami-Dade Window Tinting can reduce 99% of ultraviolet rays that come into your home and fade furnishings. HüperOptik window films also reduce up to 80% of the sun’s heat that comes through windows reflecting it away from your home. This translates into a significant reduction in electrical costs.

HüperOptik window films are also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Dermatologists recognize that reducing up to 99% of ultraviolet rays means less harm to your skin.

All of this protection is possible without impeding your view day or night. No more closing up the blinds in the morning or afternoon to keep the heat out. Enjoy the view, and the peace of mind that comes when you purchase HüperOptik from Miami-Dade Window Tinting Inc.



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You can effortlessly control the amount of heat and light entering your building with HüperOptik window films. Our line of films provide an elegant means for solving many of our most challenging aspects of managing energy use of a building.

To significantly help lower your energy costs, HüperOptik window films reject up to 80% of the solar heat that may otherwise come through a window.

By diminishing the heat, Miami-Dade Window Tinting will increase the comfort of your customers and staff. Gone will be the days where one office freezes, because another is trying so hard to stay cool.

HüperOptik window films also increases the architectural unity to the exterior of a building. While one office closes it’s window treatments to try and control the heat, another keeps their window open. Some offices may have desks and wires close to the window, easily noticed by the public as they drive by. With the uniform and private appearance created by some of our films, you now have a building which is very pleasing to the eye.


HüperOptik window films are perfect for marine applications. Ceramic technology allows for maximum heat rejection, without the risk of corroding edges that occur with lesser quality brands.

Miami-Dade Window Tinting and HüperOptik window films, will keep your yacht’s chiller working efficiently, the pilothouse comfortable and your valuable interiors from fading or deteriorating.

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Keeping your family and home out of harm’s way is our company’s first and most important task. The impact of unwelcome elements such as solar energy, severe weather, and vandalism, can all be dramatically reduced by our company, and it’s products.