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Whether you are looking for privacy, or a custom designed door and glass area, our Decorative Glass Tinting can achieve the look you want.

We have many creative ideas to offer, but we can also custom design an installation that wows your clients and staffCompany logos can also be computer cut, to advertise your company name and brand.

The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination.

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A Decorative Glass Tinting is a protective coat that works great for areas that need privacy without sacrificing natural lighting. A Decorative Glass Tinting is inexpensive as well and it does not require special tools when it’s installed to glass windows. Our company gives a number of great options which include the fact that it can protect your office against solar glare while it helps reduce cooling and heating bills.

Reasons to use a Decorative Glass Tinting in your office:

  • Reduce the amount of heat.
  • Decrease Air conditioning expense.
  • Retain the heat during winter.
  • Block ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  • Increase window safety makes it more durable and harder to shatter or break.



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Are you considering getting the windows on your property tinted? If you are, then you’re certainly in good company. Window tinting is rapidly gaining traction lately, and it’s definitely no shocker. Decorative glass tinting is becoming particularly popular. That’s because it brings a wide range of benefits to the table. Window tinting in general does. Why exactly is window tinting a great idea for anyone? Window tinting, first and foremost, can make your residential property a lot more energy efficient. That’s the reason it can help people save big on their monthly energy bills. Other advantages that are linked to window tinting include decreased glare, strengthened security, sun defense, privacy boosts, enhanced curb appeal and even glass breakage protection. It doesn’t matter if you want to stop curious neighbors from being able to see inside of your home. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep irritating and potentially dangerous glass breakage at bay, either. Tinting your windows may be able to do you a world of good!


Decorative window film stained glass is becoming a big craze now in the window tinting world, and with good reason. It’s a wonderful affordable and budget-friendly way to give your property’s visual appeal a serious upgrade. If you want to turn a standard window into a genuine thing of beauty, the decorative route is without a doubt the way to go. This kind of glass can give your front door an extra element of privacy. It can do so while maintaining light levels, too. If you’re interested in a fantastic combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, you honestly cannot go wrong with decorative window film stained glass and its plethora of benefits.


This type of window tinting exists in a broad range of stunning patterns. It appears in a vast assortment of attractive textures as well. These patterns can jazz up the appearance of your residential property in a significant way. They’re not only terrific for home applications, either. That’s because they’re also commonly seen in commercial settings. If you want to give your business a lovely and effective makeover, it can be a wonderful idea to invest in decorative glass. This film can do wonders for offices and commercial environments in general. It can turn formerly drab and dull offices into inspired, attractive and welcoming places that are full of character and charm. Remember, too, that it can also up your privacy factor considerably.


If you have a specific pattern idea in mind, you can take full advantage of your creativity. We can bring your amazing pattern idea to life here at Miami Dade Window Tinting, Inc. We specialize in all varieties of eye-catching, striking and pleasant decorative glass film patterns here. Our available specialties are residential window tinting, commercial window tinting and even marine window tinting. If you want to tint the windows of your boat, you can turn to us with complete confidence.


Are you interested in the decorative route and all of the advantages it can offer you? We can help you out here at Miami Dade Window Tinting, Inc. Our team members are highly experienced professionals who can provide you with the finest and most attentive design assistance around. If you’re looking to design a pattern that can genuinely showcase the things that make your residence, business or boat fantastic, you can count on us fully. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more and to schedule a consultation.